The following tickets are available for this event.

3 session RTR GM (9000.00 USD)
This Ticket is no longer Available
Exhibitor (9000.00 USD)
For the exhibitors. This is a special ticket for the only exhibitor and only allows attendance on Friday and Sunday.
Friday and Saturday Only, preregistered (30.00 USD)
If you just can't stick around for the whole event but want to get in on the biggest days. This one is for you.This ticket should only be purchased in advance.
Friday Only (20.00 USD)
Only attending on Friday. This is your ticket.
GM - Attendee (9000.00 USD)
This ticket is no longer available.
Magic Tournament Competitor (35.00 USD)
This ticket entitles the attendee to participate in any of the 3 Magic the Gathering tournaments planned for Saturday. A portion of the entrance fee is diverted to prize support for the tournaments.Your badge number will be entered in the competitor list for each tournament. You may change your participation in specific tournaments with The Event Horizon Games tournament Coordinator in person at the event.
MoatCon4 Attendee (35.00 USD)
This is a simple whole event badge. You are either attending or not. Come join us for all three days, bring some dice and have a blast. This ticket will no longer be available on Dec. 11th.
Saturday and Sunday Only preregistered (30.00 USD)
For the late arriving players that can't make it for Friday but can hang on for the duration. This ticket may only be purchased in advance.
Saturday Only (30.00 USD)
Only joining us for Saturday? This is the right ticket.
Sunday Only (10.00 USD)
You can only make it for the fun on Sunday. This is the one for you.
Volunteer Attendee (9000.00 USD)
This ticket is no longer available
Youth Attendee 9-17 years old (20.00 USD)
Children from ages 9 to 17 may attend and play just like the adult players if they are accompanied by a parent. The child attendee and the chaperoning parent may pick up their badges at the registration desk at check in. If the parent also intends to play they need to register separately as a player.