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Title: [Backer Reward] Actual Play Tie-In
Host: Dan Repperger
In the year 2856, Oram Vidalis Industries, Diversified, (also known as the OVID Corporation) sends a small survey party into the Patoros System to perform detailed research on a planet they're considering claiming and then selling off for colonization rights. The research team will soon learn the planet is more likely to be their graveyard than payday, as they find themselves caught between millennia-old feuds and modern territorial grabs, with little chance that help is coming.

Will they survive and leave behind important warnings for future teams? Or succumb to the threats and never be heard from again?

In this H.R. Geiger-style science fiction and horror blend, the actions of the party will determine how Fear the Boot's next Actual Play will begin. Set over 1,200 years in the future, the starting conditions for their campaign will blend directly into the events of this game, including any problems or hints your crew leaves behind.

Slot: Friday Slot 2: Fri, Jun 17, 2022 2:00 PM - Fri, Jun 17, 2022 6:00 PM
Seats: 2 open, 4 filled
Alternates: 2 open, 0 filled
Age Range: 13 - 99
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Roleplaying Game

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