Terms of Use
1. This website was designed to enable the organization of conventions, scheduling of activites, and sign-up of attendees. Using this website or any of its resources for any other purpose without the written consent of the website's owner if expressly prohibited.

2. Site users may not sell, trade, distribute, or use the personal information of other individuals for any purpose not directly related to the organization and execution of conventions those individuals have signed up to attend. Solicitation of anything other than your convention and its activities is strictly forbidden if doing so uses information acquired from this website or occurs through any of this website's features.

3. When a convention is created on this website, the organizers of that convention indicate a PayPal account into which funds should be paid when a ticket is purchased. We do not process these transactions or likely have access to the recipient account. We have no ability to resolve financial disputes that may arise between convention organizers and attendees. By using this website, you release its owners and managers from any claim of financial misconduct on behalf of convention organizers and agree to resolve such disputes without our involvement.

4. Behaving in any manner that could be reasonably construed as harassment of another user is strictly prohibited.

5. We recognize that some users may plan activities that have religious, political, explicit, or otherwise controversial themes. Such activities must be marked for an appropriate age range, and no obscene language or images may be used anywhere on this website.

6. This website may not be used in any way that violates the laws of federal, state, or local governments that have jurisdiction over your activity here.

7. The management of this website will take steps to protect your personal information and enforce the rules listed here. However, we cannot be aware of or predict all website activity. Therefore you use this website as-is, without warranty, at your own risk.

8. These rules may be adjusted at will by the website's managers. Such changes will be announced on the front page and will go into effect as soon as announced.

9. Violation of any rule listed here is grounds for suspension or termination of any organization, convention, activity, or user account. Any data stored on this website related to an organization, convention, activity, or user account may be permanently deleted during such corrective action. By using this website, you release its owner and managers from any financial liability related to such deletion.