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Title: Escape from Dantooine (FATE Core)
Host: Ken Young
Admiral Torken has intercepted an encrypted communication from the science team at the small Rebel base on Dantooine. They have uncovered an unknown artifact that may give the Rebel Alliance untold power in their fight against the Empire. You are part of an elite storm trooper squad being sent ahead of the fleet to infiltrate the Rebel base and secure the artifacts. Oh and by the way... they know you are coming.

This game will use the FATE Core ruleset and pregenerated Troopers will be provided

Slot: Evening Slot: Sat, Apr 5, 2014 6:00 PM - Sat, Apr 5, 2014 10:00 PM
Seats: 3 open, 2 filled
Alternates: 1 open, 0 filled
Age Range: 12 - 99
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Roleplaying Game

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  • Seated - John Jones
  • Seated - Kurt