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Title: Keep on the Borderlands (Basic D+D)
Host: Adam Dray
Let's kick it 'old school!'

Basic Dungeons and Dragons (Mentzer red box), with a couple house rules. Original B2 module, 'Keep on the Borderlands,' with a few changes to surprise the veterans.

Character creation at the table (takes only a couple minutes). If your PC dies, make a new one and join us again!

Kid-friendly (10+).

Slot: Evening Slot: Sat, Nov 6, 2010 7:00 PM - Sat, Nov 6, 2010 11:59 PM
Seats: 1 open, 6 filled
Alternates: 2 open, 0 filled
Age Range: 10 - 99
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Roleplaying Game

Current Attendees

  • Seated - Jeffrey Hosmer
    This was the very first module I ever played... love to see it again
  • Seated - Pierre Chaloux
    I remember playing this when the 3rd edition conversion came out, time to play the older one.
  • Seated - Clinton R. Nixon
  • Seated - Ara Hacopian
  • Seated - Sean Leventhal
  • Seated - Chris